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A Libyan joint stock company, the bank supported the construction movement by encouraging real estate savings and providing credit facilities for the purpose of providing adequate housing under the transformation plan, and granted to achieve this specific operational means in the following:

  • Granting mortgages
  • Issuing bonds and investment certificates
  • Implementation and management of real estate projects for himself and for others
  • Establish, own and dispose of real estate
  • Establishing or participating in real estate establishments

Service Provided

Streamline’s job was To Implement a complete ERP system for all the branches of the bank across the entirety of Libya. The ERP is to manage, maintain and operate all daily processes of the organization. It includes but not limited to, HR management, Financial Management, Document management, Loan management, Employee insurance management. We are also working on implementing the first complete RPI Solution for the bank so that it can manage, report on and efficiently invest in real estate.

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